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Case Study: Maxwell Scott


Maxwell Scott are a luxury retailer of high end leather goods. 

Having turned to a large US-based agency to manage their account, they saw sales a 68% decrease in account sales, despite increased ad spend.


We were tasked with returning US and UK account sales to previous levels. 

We conducted a detailed Business Report analysis to identify cause of significant drop in sales. We discovered that impressions had increased more than tenfold, whilst conversion rate had plummeted.


The primary driver of this was increased spend through short tail PPC keywords.

Given high price point of item, we switched to a long-tail approach in order to ensure search terms coming through had relevant qualifiers and signals of intent to purchase a luxury item.

Since Amazon factors overall conversion rate into organic rankings, organic sales had decreased due to decrease in product rankings.





Sales Increase

After one month with our team, sales increased by 134% and ACOS reduced by 86%.

“Having used a huge agency in the states, we were very disillusioned with Amazon, as they had severely cut our sales. After using Sitruna for only 2 months, we were able to nearly recover our results back to normal levels. Looking forward to see how they perform in the future, and hoping we can reach record levels”

CEO, Maxwell Scott Bags