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How It Works

One of the services we offer is a full launch on Amazon. This could be great for you if, you're selling products elsewhere, but not yet on Amazon. OR
You have some products developed but aren't selling them anywhere yet.

We have helped launch dozens of new Sellers on Amazon, and have really honed the right strategies for getting a Seller from brand new to profitably established in the fastest time possible.

Even if you're a regular Amazon customer, if you haven't used Amazon as a Seller before, there's lots to learn. This page will introduce you to the basics of getting set up as a Seller on Amazon, and what we can do to help speed up and smooth out the process.


What do I need to start selling on Amazon?

To begin selling on Amazon, you need some basic things in place:

-Full Product Specifications: To create listings on Amazon, you need to provide Amazon with full details about your products, including packaging specifications, so these details need to be finalised.

-Supply Capacity: You need to make sure your suppliers are primed and ready to handle the sales increase Amazon can bring you.

-Shipping and Storage Plan: One of the great things about selling on Amazon is that, should you choose them to, Amazon can manage all of your product storage and delivery for you. You get your products to their warehouse, and the rest is up to them. You can also fulfill deliveries yourself, using your own shipment options - we can help you decide which is the better option for you.

-Brand Name (ideally a Trademark): Branding is really important on Amazon. We always encourage brands to apply for a trademark (a UK one costs ~£170 and takes ~3 months to come through), because you cannot apply for the Brand Registry service on Amazon without one, and Brand Registry gives Sellers access to all sorts of key features (like A+ content - see Glossary of Terms for more info). It is entirely possible to sell on Amazon without a trademark, but you won't have access to some functionality. Either way, you'll need a good brand name, so choose wisely!

-Imagery: You'll need some great photos of your products. This includes white background photography for primary images (meeting Amazon's particular standards), and lifestyle imagery, to show your product in use and give an impression of your brand. We can help you source and create this if necessary.

-Product Description: Again, this is something we can help you with - part of our launch package involves our content expert looking at your copy. But you need to have an idea of what you want to say about your product, and which features to highlight, in that all important, brief product description.

-Brand Management: In order to be successful on Amazon, you need to be keeping a close eye on how your products are doing on Amazon, managing returns and reviews, and keeping track of stock flow. Be prepared for some hours spent on managing these aspects of being a Seller.

How do we get started?

There are several steps to getting your Amazon account up and running:

STEP 1: Seller Account Creation
If you haven't already got an Amazon Seller account, we'll guide you through opening one. Then we'll show you how to give us permission to access it, so we can make changes and manage things directly from your account.

STEP 2: Listing Creation and Optimisation
Once we've got full product specification information from you, we'll do the legwork of creating your listings on Amazon. We'll review any imagery and product description wording you have, and help you make it as good as it can be.

STEP 3: Fulfillment Decisions
We'll help you decide on the best option for shipping and delivery fulfillment. This could be using Amazon's own fulfillment service (FBA), or using a shipment/storage/delivery supplier you already have a relationship with.

[optional] STEP 4: Brand Registry Enrollment
If you have a trademark, we can help you get set up with the very advantageous Brand Registry program within Amazon.

[optional] STEP 5: Enhanced Brand Content Creation
If and when you are enrolled in Brand Registry, we can help you create your A+ content (the extra section of images and wording that you get on a listing with Brand Registry) and Storefront (the mini website Amazon hosts for you with Brand Registry).

STEP 6: PPC Strategy
Selling on Amazon is all about knowing how to use paid advertising to get your brand the right visibility, to drive up its ranking so that it appears higher in search results, and to get you as many sales as possible. If you're new to the concept of PPC (pay-per-click advertising), we'll walk you through how it works, and show you what our PPC experts can do for you, particularly as a new-to-Amazon brand.

STEP 7: Start Selling!
We'll get your listings live, and check everything is running smoothly.

This is just the very start of the process. To have continued success on Amazon, you need to be running constant PPC campaigns, which is our specialty. Our consultancy service is all about continually optimising and developing your Amazon advertising strategy, which is how Amazon Sellers end up with those all important Best Seller rankings!

What can Sitruna do for me as a new Seller?

When you're launching on Amazon, you have a unique opportunity. Success on Amazon is all about reputation (reviews and rankings), and as a new Seller, you have a blank slate. Set things up right, and you have every chance of being highly successful on Amazon. We can help you by:

Ensuring Accuracy
One of the biggest issues new Sellers face is learning how to accurately input all the complex data Amazon requires in order to create brands and listings. Get any detail wrong, and it can cause you major problems later on. There's nothing worse than having your account suspended for an accidental accuracy error. We know the pitfalls and stumbling blocks, and can help make sure everything is set up exactly how it should be.

Optimising Listings
Selling on Amazon is different to using other platforms, even in terms of how you use imagery and wording. We are expert at Amazon-focused content and branding, and can help you get exactly the look and feel that shows your brand off best, and works optimally for Amazon.

Advising About Fulfillment
Nothing damages a brand faster than supply issues. We'll help you make sure you supply chain is set up right, and advise you how to manage any issues with stock and returns.

Kick-starting Your Account With PPC
Paid advertising is especially crucial for new Amazon Sellers. We have lots of tools and expertise at our disposal that will get your new listings in front of the right pairs of eyes.

Sorting Out Problems
Sometimes, things come up. When they do, there's nothing more useful than a highly experienced Amazon expert on the end of a phone, ready to resolve things for you, especially when you're still getting to grips with a new platform. Whatever the issue is, with us you'll get things sorted quicker and more efficiently.

Glossary of Amazon Terms

A+ CONTENT (Formerly EBC) This is the extra branded content that shows below your listing, if you're enrolled in Brand Registry. This feature allows you to include additional imagery, videos, and more detailed product descriptions.

A-TO-Z GUARANTEE This is Amazon's return policy. If any product doesn't arrive within 3 days after the maximum estimated delivery date, or arrives but isn't as described, or has been returned by the customer using tracked shipping but no refund has been issued by the Seller, the customer can request a refund (up to 90 days after delivery date) using this Amazon service.

ACOS (AVERAGE COST OF SALE) This tells you how much your ad spend is per sale achieved through advertising. It can be worked out per keyword and per campaign. It is calculated like this: Ad Spend ÷ Ad Sales. For example, if you spent $10 on advertising and it resulted in $40 of sales, your ACOS would be 100*10/40 = 25%.

AD IMPRESSIONS Each time your ad is displayed, it counts as an impression. This could be seen on the search results page or at the bottom of another product listing.

AMAZON BUSINESS This is a program that Sellers can enroll in, that offers some benefits for business customers. It includes automatic VAT invoicing, VAT-exclusive pricing displays for business customers, and more.

AMAZON’S CHOICE If you have high product reviews and conversion rates, you might be given this badge by Amazon. This can really increase your sales.

ASIN This is the 10 digit identifier that Amazon gives each individual product to distinguish them (e.g. B1A2B3C4D5).

BEST SELLER RANKING (BSR) Amazon works this out using current and historical sales for each product. It is constantly updated, so can change rapidly. You need to track this over time to get an clear picture of product performance.

BRAND REGISTRY The Brand Registry program is a great system that any brand with a trademark can apply for. It is Amazon's way of protecting your brand and products from counterfeiters and fraud, but it also gives you access to certain important features like Product Display Ads and A+ content.

BUY BOX The Buy Box is the section on each listing that includes the large “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. If other sellers are selling the same product as yours, it is crucial you capture the Buy Box, to make sure customers buy from you.

FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON (FBA) This is when Amazon takes responsibility for delivery of your product. You ship your products to the Amazon warehouse and they pack and ship your product to fulfill every order you receive.

FULFILLMENT BY MERCHANT (FBM) This is the opposite of FBA. You take responsibility for shipping all orders that are made through Amazon. This means you have to deal with any customer complaints related to delivery.

LIGHTNING DEALS Amazon runs these customer deals for a limited time. Sellers determine the discount and length it will run for.

LONG TAIL KEYWORD This describes a keyword phrase that includes two or more words. They help target niche demographic groups instead of very broad audiences.

MARKETPLACE Some people use this word to refer to Amazon as a whole, but it also refers to the individual regions where Amazon sells (e.g., “French Marketplace,” “Canadian Marketplace”).

NEGATIVE KEYWORDS These aren't necessarily bad - they are simply the keywords that you don't want to direct to your ad, because it wouldn't be relevant. For example, if you want to sell a (hair) comb with particularly fine teeth, you might add “toothbrush” as a negative keyword. While the keyword might sound like it would relate to your product, you actually wouldn't want your product to come up as a result of that search.

ORGANIC SALE This a sale achieved without direct input from advertising. Sales are achieved either through PPC or organically, though effective PPC can indirectly improve organic sales too.

PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) This key phrase describes the Amazon Advertising method. Each time someone clicks your Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, or Product Display ad, you are charged for it.

PIGGYBACKING If you aren't enrolled in Brand Registry, Amazon treats all content as shared. This means Amazon will collate what it views as the best content from all Sellers of the same product, resulting in multiple Sellers operating under the same listing (piggybacking).

PRIME Products with the Prime badge offer customers certain shipping benefits, and can sell up to 40% more. You can get Prime by either sending your products into Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FBA) or via Seller Fulfilled Prime as long as the warehouse can dispatch same-day.

PRIVATE LABEL A Private Label brand sells its products under its own brand name and works directly with manufacturers to produce its products.

PRODUCT DISPLAY ADS These ads are only available to those enrolled in Brand Registry. They appear at the top, on the sides, and at the bottom of search results pages.

PRODUCT VARIATION (PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP) If you have multiple variations of the same product (say, in five different colours), you will want these product variations to be grouped together in the same listing. The way this is achieved is by assigning one variation as the Parent listing, and making all the other variations Child listings underneath it.

RATING Any product on Amazon is subject to being rated (out of five stars) by customers. This is largely how customers decide which products to buy.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) To rank in search results, you need to make sure the most relevant, highly-searched keywords are linked to your listings. This crucial process of SEO improves your products discoverability for customers.

SEARCH VOLUME These figures are estimates about how many times any keyword is searched for on Amazon (per month). This helps project what products might be in high demand, and therefore successful, on Amazon, and what (highly searched) keywords might be good to target for your relevant products.

SEASONALITY Many products have peaks and troughs of search volumes and purchases throughout the year. This describes the way in which some items, like pool inflatables or Christmas tree decorations, will have varying customer interest levels in different seasons.

SELLER CENTRAL This is the back-end of Amazon's website - the base from which Sellers can control and monitor everything to do with their accounts. In Seller Central, you can upload and manage inventory, run advertising campaigns, handle customer communication and much more.

SPONSORED BRANDS These ads are only available to Brand Registry enrolled Sellers. Appearing at the top, side, and bottom of the search results page, these campaigns enable sellers to promote their brand and products.

SPONSORED PRODUCTS These ads are the most popular and common type of Amazon Advertising. A Sponsored Product ads appears above the non-sponsored results on the search results page.

STOREFRONT This refers both to the customer-facing front of Amazon as a whole, but also to brands' individual storefronts, where they can showcase their own products in a sort of mini-website, hosted on Amazon. This latter feature is only available to Brand Registry enrolled Sellers.

SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE This lets Amazon customers sign up for recurring, scheduled deliveries of products that they use frequently. They get a base discount on their deliveries (funded by the Seller). This program is only available to Sellers using FBA.

TACOS (TOTAL AVERAGE COST OF SALE) This is similar to ACOS, but is Total Ad Spend divided by Total Sales (including those achieved organically).

TOP-OF-THE-FUNNEL KEYWORDS These highly competitive, short keywords receive large search volumes. But because they are broad, they pull in a lot of products, and visibility can be difficult.

VAT CALCULATION SERVICE This is Amazon's system for calculating the VAT applied to your products, and providing customers with downloadable VAT invoices. Once this service is set up on your account, customers can receive VAT invoices directly via Amazon, you can enroll in Amazon business to offer VAT-exclusive pricing to business customers, and VAT will no longer be charged on your referral fees or FBA fees.

VINE This is a great program for getting reviews on new listings, by offering some free products to some of Amazon's most trusted customers and reviewers. It is only available to Brand Registry enrolled Sellers, who are using FBA.

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