SITRUNA GUIDES: Early Reviewer Program

The Early Reviewer Program helps you get up to 5 reviews by Amazon offering customers who purchased your enrolled items a small reward ($3 Gift Card) in exchange for a review

What is the Early Reviewer Program?

You can only use the Early Reviewer Program for new products with less than 5 reviews. Amazon will offer customers who purchased your enrolled items a small reward ($3 Gift Card) in exchange for a review. It costs £60/$60 per ASIN to participate.

Amazon controls the whole process - you can't choose the customer/gift card amount and you aren't charged until you receive a review through the program, and enrollments cover an entire variation family. Products are enrolled for up to a year, or until you've received 5 reviews through the program.


  1. Must be enrolled in the brand registry

  2. UK/USA only

  3. FBA products only

  4. For new products - you need to have fewer than 5 reviews

  5. Priced above $9 / £15

How to Enrol

  1. Go to Advertising > Early Reviewer Programme > Get started

  2. Enter SKU that you want to enroll in the "Check eligibility" box

  3. Confirm enrollment if eligible

Only one SKU per variation needs to be enrolled to enrol the entire variation family.


How to get more than 5 reviews for a variation listing?

If you enrol each SKU into the Early Reviewer Program before combining them into a variation, you can add each separately to gather up to 5 reviews for each child SKU (so if you have 5 variation children, you could get up to 25 reviews total).

You must enrol into ERP before combining into a variation for this to work

How to enrol multiple children that are already in a variation?

  1. Download the Amazon listing feed to save your product information

  2. Delete the parent

  3. (if the listing already has more than 5 reviews) Wait 24 hours for reviews to split

  4. Enrol all eligible child listings into ERP

  5. Re-combine the parent-child listing by uploading your Amazon listing feed

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