SITRUNA GUIDES: Subscribe & Save

FBA Subscribe & Save lets Amazon customers sign up for recurring, scheduled deliveries of products that they use frequently for a 5-10% discount

What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is a great way to encourage repeat purchases by offering a small discount for regular orders. You can offer between 5% to 15% discounts for subscribe & save orders

Eligibility requirements

You need to use FBA to participate in the program. Amazon uses the following criteria to determine product eligibility:

  • Fulfillment history and in-stock rate

  • Sales performance

  • Product category

  • Average selling price

How to enroll?

Eligible replenishable products are now automatically enrolled at a 5% discount (funded by Amazon). To check what has been enrolled or increase the discount, visit your subscribe and save dashboard:

UK dashboard / USA dashboard

If the option to enable Subscribe & Save does not appear in your dashboard and you believe that you have eligible, replenishable items, contact Seller Support​ Some product categories, including alcohol, are not eligible for subscribe and save.

Tracking performance

You can find details of sales, subscriber numbers and forecast in Amazon's performance reports:

UK sales report / UK forecastUSA sales report / USA forecast

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