Profit Focused Reporting For Sellers

With our game-changing custom Amazon dashboards, we give you clear, up-to-date insights so you know how much money you’re truly making.

How It Works


Your reporting dashboard will provide instant, real-time data you can access any time. We'll also send a weekly email with our key insights, actions and recommendations - written by an Amazon expert, not a machine.

Know Your Profit

We focus on the most important indicator of success for your business: profit. We include revenue, COGS, fees, ad spend, and taxes in one simple view, and help you understand how to use this data to grow profits.

Jargon Free

We don't hide behind acronyms, spin and corporate-speak to mask performance and paint everything in a positive light. We tell you what is happening, why it’s happening and what changes we’ve made in the clearest way possible.

Deep Dive

Our clear summaries give you the data needed to make day-to-day decisions, but our powerful filters allow you to drill down to an individual product or metric and find out exactly what is going on in your account.

What Our Clients Say

"The Sitruna team are immense. Their data-driven approach, deep channel expertise and incredible work ethic truly sets them apart. Sitruna ran our Amazon PPC and delivered so far beyond expectations."
Head of Growth Custom Apparel
"Strong expertise in Amazon Optimisation and work was completed quickly and thoroughly. Have renewed contracts with Sitruna and plan to continue using their services"
Black + Decker
Marketing & Merchandise Manager
“Having used a huge agency in the States, we were very disillusioned with Amazon as they had severely cut our sales. After using Sitruna for only 2 months, we were able to nearly recover our results back to normal levels.
Maxwell Scott
CEO, Premium Leather Goods
“Sitruna have successfully grown our sales on Amazon with a short period of time. This is further testament to the entire team's skill and commitment due to the relatively high cost of our products and the niche market they hold.”
Head of sales, 3D Printing

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