Built for Amazon Selling; Our Warehouse Provides

Streamlined Amazon logistics solutions for online sellers. Our UK-based hub expertly navigates Amazon FBA, offering seamless fulfillment and strategic support to ensure you always stay in stock.

Effortless Amazon Fulfillment with Premier 3PL Services

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We offer complete warehousing and logistics services, including expert FBA prep, solutions to ensure your products meet Amazon’s UK fulfillment standards, and streamlining your path to marketplace success.

Effortless FBA integration - our all-inclusive 3PL service expertly navigates Amazon's FBA protocols, ensuring your products are compliant and primed for selling on the platform.

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Seamlessly Stay in Stock

Inventory mastery for Amazon selling success - mastering stock levels is key to Amazon success, not just ads or listing tweaks. Utilise our warehouse to bulk store your goods. We'll expertly manage and gradually distribute stock to Amazon, keep your supply constant, your IPI score high, and keep unnecessary storage or removal fees at bay.

Meet FBA Prep Requirements

Zero-hassle Amazon compliance - simply send us your inventory and relax as we take care of all Amazon's requirements for you, from meticulous labeling of items, boxes, and pallets to precise packaging and FBA shipment creation. Our service guarantees your stock arrives at Amazon's fulfillment centers meeting every standard, effortlessly.

Ship & Sell Globally

Global expansion simplified with expert Amazon logistics - tapping into Amazon's international marketplaces promises substantial growth, and our Logistics & Freight Forwarding service is your bridge to this opportunity. Whether it’s Europe, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, or Asia, we manage the complexities of international stock transfers, ensuring your inventory reaches Amazon FBA hubs across the globe. Our experienced team navigates the logistics landscape, from Amazon UK business regulations to the nuances of global marketplaces, providing a smooth and efficient pathway for your products to enter and thrive in new markets.

Customisation Services

Distinctive customisation for competitive advantage - harness our specialised product personalisation services, including laser engraving and premium bundling options, to unlock niche sales on Amazon. Our offerings span from sophisticated laser cutting and hot foil stamping to advanced UV printing, ensuring your Amazon business stands out in the marketplace. With Sitruna, elevate your Amazon Seller profile by adding unique custom touches that resonate with customers and distinguish you from competitors.

"Seamless, committed and organised. Sitruna Logistics means we never miss a sale"
Rosie Brodhurst-Hooper
Founder, Sarrosi

Revolutionary Warehouse App

Gain a live view into your stock levels, inbound and outbound shipments, customer orders and full billing transparency with our radically simple warehouse platform, built for modern e-commerce.

No more Excel files, long email chains, or incomprehensible software. Our app is simple, transparent and integrates directly with Amazon and all major ecom platforms.

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Sitruna Logistics

Premium warehouse space in the South West dedicated to Amazon selling

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Our main hub, strategically located near Amazon FCs is built for our clients, to enable a uniquely integrated and personalised 3PL service - combining logistics veterans with market-leading Amazon expertise.

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Simple and transparent, without hidden costs so that you can easily calculate 3PL fees and keep control of product profitability.



No inbound fees


per CBF per month
£0.79 per CBM per day
Cheaper than Amazon FBA

B2B or FBA


per outer carton

Order Fulfillment

£2.99 - Large Letter 500g (untracked)
£4.99 - 48 Tracked Parcel up to 5kg
includes 1 pick, postage & materials


per unit

Label or Polybag

per unit

Additional services

Item inspection, bundling, product customisation, branding inserts, laser engraving, hot foil stamping, grade and resell, organic certification, alcohol license fulfilment. Full integration with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, TikTok Shop & more

Sitruna consultants can help you stay in stock, with inventory recommendations,
FBA shipment plans and ensuring that you meet all of Amazon’s FBA requirements.
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Cost of Storage per Unit Calculator

Enter the Dimensions - Length, Breadth and Height (in centimetres) of your product to know the cost
of storage per unit.
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Tailored All-in-One Services

Comprehensive Growth Solutions for Your Amazon Store

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At Sitruna, we're not just another Amazon marketing agency; we're your growth partners. Our wide array of services makes us your one-stop solution for Amazon growth. From launching new accounts to advertising, creating engaging content, and handling operations and logistics, we take a holistic approach to propel your business to new heights.
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Account Launch
Operations & Logistics
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Account Launch
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Find quick answers to common queries about Amazon A+ content, sponsored ads, FBA, and other essential aspects of selling on Amazon. Our FAQs are designed to guide, clarify doubts, and provide insights to help optimize your Amazon selling strategy.

What comprehensive logistics solutions does Sitruna offer for successful Amazon selling?

Sitruna delivers a full suite of logistics services tailored specifically for Amazon Sellers in the UK. Encompassing everything from expansive warehousing facilities, strategic inventory management, to specialised Amazon FBA prep and fulfilment. Our approach ensures that your products meet Amazon's fulfilment standards, providing you with a competitive edge in the Amazon marketplace.

How can Sitruna's services help ensure my products are compliant with Amazon's FBA requirements?

Our expert team provides an all-inclusive 3PL service that meticulously handles every detail of Amazon's FBA protocols. With our extensive experience and understanding of Amazon logistics in the UK, including correct packaging, box, and pallet labeling, and creating Amazon-compliant FBA shipments, we make sure that every aspect of your product preparation meets Amazon's high standards.

Can Sitruna assist with storage and inventory management to optimise my Amazon business account?

Our expert team provides an all-inclusive 3PL service that meticulously handles every detail of Amazon's intricate FBA protocols. With our extensive experience and understanding of Amazon logistics in the UK, including correct packaging, box, and pallet labeling, and creating Amazon-compliant FBA shipments, we make sure that every aspect of your product preparation meets Amazon's high standards.

Does Sitruna provide any online tools to assist with logistics and inventory planning for Amazon FBA?

Yes, Sitruna offers an intuitive Cost of Storage per Unit Calculator designed to help Amazon Sellers accurately forecast their storage expenses. By entering your product dimensions, our calculator provides a precise cost assessment, aiding in financial planning and ensuring cost-effective inventory storage within our logistics network.

What does Sitruna's 3PL service entail for Amazon UK sellers?

Sitruna's 3PL service includes no inbound fees for receiving, competitive storage rates per cubic foot per month, cost-effective B2B or FBA prep per outer carton, and a transparent order fulfilment pricing structure. Additional services are available to support your Seller Central Amazon account, such as product customisation, branding inserts, laser engraving, and hot foil stamping, ensuring your products are retail-ready.

How does Sitruna enable international sales growth on Amazon's marketplaces?

Our tailored Logistics & Freight Forwarding solution bridges the gap between local selling and global expansion, facilitating stock transfer into Amazon FBA across multiple international marketplaces such as Europe, USA, Canada, the Middle East, and Asia. This service is vital for Amazon sellers looking to scale up and tap into new customer bases while adhering to the various Amazon business international requirements.

What unique product customisation services does Sitruna provide for standing out on Amazon?

Sitruna's customisation services are designed to differentiate your Amazon offerings and capture niche markets. We utilise a multitude of techniques including laser engraving, hot foil stamping, and UV printing to personalise your products. These premium services, along with our bundling options, are crafted to enhance your listings within the Amazon UK seller central and attract customers seeking bespoke options.

How transparent is Sitruna's pricing for Amazon-focused logistics services?

Our pricing structure for Amazon logistics services is straightforward and clear, with detailed breakdowns for receiving, storage, order fulfilment, and additional services like returns handling, labelling, or poly bagging. Sitruna prioritises affordability and transparency, enabling you to manage your Amazon selling fees in the UK with clarity and predictability.

Can Sitruna manage my product returns and comply with Amazon's labelling requirements?

Absolutely, our logistics solutions include a returns management service and attention to Amazon's labelling requirements. Whether it's an individual seller on Amazon UK or a large-scale vendor, we ensure that all returned items are processed according to Amazon standards,  every product sent to Amazon fulfilment centres is correctly labeled, ensure a smooth customer experience and maintain your account health.

What kind of inventory management support does Sitruna offer to Amazon sellers?

Sitruna's consultancy services extend beyond logistics, offering robust inventory management support. We provide strategic FBA shipment planning and personalised inventory recommendations to align with Amazon's storage limits and FBA requirements. Our goal is to keep your Amazon business in stock without incurring excess storage fees or large removal fees.

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