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Have you thought about selling on Amazon but don't really know where to start? Given it a try but not generated much business or turned your attention elsewhere? We've heard all these scenarios and more before and we love helping brands start their Amazon journeys! 

Here are the steps we can help with:


Account launch:

Open and verify your account with Amazon's KYC process.


Brand registry:

Register to protect your brand and access extra Amazon features including Storefronts, better listing pages, video and additional ad types

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Listing creation:

Create the perfect listing with our Studio team. From copywriting to photography and graphic design, we can help.


Fulfilment method:

Our supply chain experts help with international freight, getting stock into FBA, and the best method to get the Prime Badge.

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We set up your advertising campaigns, from researching keywords and managing bids to running deals and vouchers : we can help with the lot.



Our Tech Specialists include ex-Seller Support personnel to get thing back on track as quickly as possible when things go wrong.



We set you up with a beautiful reporting dashboard which includes an automated order follow up nudge to help drive those all-important reviews.

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Are you ready to start your Amazon journey?

Get in touch for us to get you off to the best possible start!