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We Build Acquirable Brands

That Make Great Exits.

In 2019 we sold our first in-house Amazon brand and have sold two in-house further brands in 2021, including a 7 figure exit. 

Using our own experience, we can help you to grow the value of your Amazon brand and prepare for an exit. 



We've created & designed

in-house brands.

We sell in 



and exited 



From premium notebooks to gourmet coffee, we create brands we really believe in. And we're really good at it.


We Know What Makes

Brands Successful

From top notch listing photography and stellar social media, to successful PPC, great reviews and securing Amazon Deal of the Day on Prime Day, we build brands that really sell.


Work with Sitruna to grow your brand's profitability so that your brand is ready for acquisition.

We know how to turn your Amazon brand into a brand that aggregators want to buy. Benefit from our experience selling brands, and our specialist knowledge of building successful brands on Amazon.

We Manage Logistics

Our team work closely with factory suppliers across the globe to ship products from factory to one of our global partner warehouses. 

We know how complex Amazon rules on storage can be from the ever-changing Restock Limits to the complex algorithm behind Amazon's IPI (Inventory Performance Index.)

Staying in stock is vital for any Amazon Seller.

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Our Full Brand Portfolio

Check out some of the brands we have created below:


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