Friars is apremium heritage British chocolate brand founded in 1927. They sell via theirown site, eBay, and on Amazon offering handmade chocolate boxes and hampers.


When clients have an extensive catalogue, it can be challenging to strategically increase conversation rates and sales through organic optimisations due to the manualtask of auditing each listing page and creating improvements.

After auditing the Friars catalogue, it was clear that small changes could have a significant impact on sales ranking through optimising their titles, bullet points, searchterms, infographics, A+ Content and storefront.


The first task was to increase the infographics (image) count per listing page. We found an average of 1 image per product page initially. Amazon recommends 5-6 imagesplus a video as standard, so we felt this was a good place to start.

We firstly focused on a quarter of their highest-priority listings that had the most potential for sales uplift. We kicked off with our graphics team creating infographics foreach listing showcasing each chocolate that was included within the chocolate box, with a description of flavour—this provided maximum impact on conversion,particularly on mobile, as we were able to increase the average images to 6 per product.


Next, we tackled rewriting the product listings to improve SEO and visibility on titles, bullet points and back-end search terms. This involved looking over their competitors' styles, researching & inserting key search terms from Helium 10, Google Trends, customer reviews and the Q&A section. We were able to increase the keyword count per listing and increase the sales ranking over the selected products.


We then created a high-converting A+ content template for each product listing. So far, this is 20 unique templates. According to Amazon, product pages with A+ content can expect an uplift in sales by 3-10% on average.


Finally, we pulled everything together through an Amazon storefront that mimicked the brand look and feels of their website. This means that customers can easily flick through the Friars catalogue to find the chocolate box they desire - again leading to increased sales.


We looked at the last 3 months' data compared to the same months last year. Conversion rates increased by 10-15%, and sales increased by 100-200%.

A word from client

Sitruna has done a good job and the communication with the Tech Team and their abilities to solve problems in a timely manner has been really helpful.

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