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With over $50 million in managed Amazon ad sales, our Amazon PPC team can confidently grow your share of voice, scale your revenue, and reduce ACoS.
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We scale fantastic brands on Amazon

Why Use PPC?


PPC is the fastest way to grow your sales on Amazon to make more revenue.  By keeping your ACOS lower than your profit margin, we can ensure you also increase profits.


Every sale you make helps your ranking on Amazon.  The additional PPC sales you achieve boost your product, and the higher you rank, the higher your organic sales. Win-win!

Brand Awareness

Get your products shown on key search terms and competitor pages to increase brand visibility. Use video and banner ads to really get your brand noticed.

Our Approach To PPC

Step 1
Get Your Listings Retail Ready!
Optimised listings make customers more likely to buy. Without optimisation, listings have low conversion rates, and the clicks you pay for don't result in sales.
We ensure your listing has fully optimised titles & bullet points, full use of image allocation and A+ content. Reviews are important: we can enroll you into Amazon review programs such as Vine for new products.
Step 2
Build Your Campaign
A good campaign structure and naming convention is essential for clear and scalable campaigns. We conduct extensive manual keyword research based on your brand, USPs and competitors.
We help you appear top of search for your own or competitor brand names, target generic terms to capture research focused traffic, and target converting keywords to make the most of Amazon's algorithm. Take advantage of video, Sponsored Brand, DSP, and display advertising for maximum impact.
Step 3
With regular optimisation from your dedicated PPC specialist, we can ensure your campaigns are running smoothly, bids are regularly adjusted, new keywords are added constantly and any wasted spend is stopped.
Our data-driven, test and learn approach allows us to find opportunities, outperform automated software, all run by a dedicated member of the Sitruna team.
Step 4
With weekly reporting, a live dashboard and the option to build a custom reporting dashboard, we constantly keep you up to date with your PPC performance.
Chat directly to your dedicated PPC specialist about your strategy, seasonality and new product goals. We communicate in clear language so you fully understand what's going on.

Adtech Enabled Amazon Advertising

Stay ahead of the competition with market leading advertising optimisation and intelligence software - powered by Perpetua.

Enable day-parting and share of voice analytics, contextual, conversion-based bidding algorithms, campaign optimisation tactics including dayparting, share of voice targeting and hourly metrics.

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