Our Team

Between us, we've got decades of experience in eCommerce. Our  consultancy team is headed up by ex-Amazonian Mike, who leads our wonderful team of UK and international PPC experts, operations specialists, graphic designers, FBA masters, copywriters, brand managers ex-seller support and more.
amazon agency in london at work on projects sitting around a desk
Stephen Harris

Stephen studied at Cambridge, and worked at Amazon UK HQ, where he learnt everything there is to know about selling on Amazon. But his most useful experience? 6 years as an Amazon Seller himself.

Steve Gornall
Commercial Director

Steve is the big picture thinker in the office. He honed his strategic abilities working with the likes of JP Morgan, Tesco and WWF (pandas not wrestling).

Michael Dan
Managing Director

Mike spent 4.5 years at Amazon UK HQ, before joining Sitruna to share that wealth of knowledge with our clients. When he's not tinkering in Seller Central he's probably out for a run!

Linh Cao
Technical Manager

Linh is our Amazon Launch Specialist and has helped hundreds of Sellers to get set up, from account opening and listing creation, to brand registry and verification.

Jan Raven Jongko
Technical Specialist

Jan worked as a Seller Support Team Lead in the Feeds, Listing and FBA teams. He is an expert in listing management, fixing stranded, suppressed & inactive listings and writing POAs.

Sophie Slade-Hunswick
Content Manager

With five years of industry experience, Sophie specialises in delivering compelling & strategic SEO-optimised content that elevates brands organically on Amazon. Ready to transform ideas into impactful narratives, Sophie strives to set a new success standard for clients.

Neil Batho
Brand Director

Neil has a degree in Fine Art (as well as other degrees), and leads Sitruna’s in-house product design efforts. He is an expert in defining the creative direction of eCommerce brands.

Charlie Castro
Advertising Manager

Charlie is a whiz at tackling obstacles on Amazon. He is great at dealing with ungating products, suspended products and category analysis. He’s also an Excel expert.

Ed-Louie Busian
Graphic Designer

Ed is our resident graphic design expert. He creates slick, professional and creative store fronts for brands. Ed loves to design apparel & illustrate in his spare time.

Estela Lin
Graphic & Brand Designer

Estela has a background in branding communication. As our graphic design expert, she is great at building brand assets and eye-catching content.

Chris Thomas
Advertising Director

Chris studied at Cambridge and worked with Canon, Toys R Us & Hobbycraft at Periscopix. He’s expert at PPC from hours spent in a dark hole, sweating the small stuff (which he actually enjoys).

Jojo Cheng
Logistics & Sourcing Manager

Jojo makes sure our supply chain and product logistics run smoothly. She works effortlessly with our manufacturing partners on the ground, ensuring our products are made to perfection, and on time.

Leonard Orduna
Advertising Specialist

Leonard has several years working with Amazon Marketing Agencies and hundreds of amazon sellers as their Amazon PPC Manager. He is dedicated to improving clients ad accounts and committed to growing client's sales.

Fe Raip
Advertising Specialist

Fe has years experience in doing advertising both Amazon PPC and Google Search Ads with background in listing optimisation. She enjoys and is passionate in helping eCommerce sellers grow their brand presence.

Janina Chebat
Technical Specialist

Janina worked as an Amazon Seller Support associate in the Amazon Philippines HQ for 2 years, and has fantastic knowledge on how to resolve issues and navigate the Amazon technical eco-system.

Justine Aquino
Advertising Specialist

Justine has an extensive background with Amazon Advertising managing DSP Programmatic & PPC campaigns for top brands - driving incremental sales by strategically thinking outside the box.

Ryan Busian
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Zyra Garbida
Advertising Specialist

Zyra has a background in ads, and is an Amazon all-rounder. She’s great at PPC, account analysis and making sure listings are in the best shape possible.

Des Healy
People Manager

Des loves people! He kept the media giants Group M and Mindshare happy whilst working with their talent. As a thespian, Des can’t resist bringing a touch of theatrics to the team.

Amun Sira
Content Specialist

Amun studied Journalism with Media Studies, nurturing her creative articulation, which she now hones as a copywriter at Sitruna to produce smashing copy that sells on Amazon.

Beth Ashworth
Partnerships Manager

Beth brings with her a truckload of Amazon-insider knowledge - after 5.5 years at Amazon HQ, she's launched & managed brands, ran the UK Renewed Marketplace, and developed a Seller Education program. Whatever the challenge, she's ready to help (if she's not busy doing yoga or walking dogs!).

Jonathan Gutierrez
Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist

James Thomas
Warehouse & Logistics Director

Warehouse & Logistics Director

Vicky Chamberlain
Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Ben Park
Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Abby Guce
Advertising Specialist

Advertising Specialist

Aron Guese
Technical Specialist

Aron, with vast experience collaborating with Amazon Marketing Agencies, adeptly assists sellers by addressing technical issues and providing guidance on Amazon's features. His committed approach and deep knowledge of Amazon policies contribute significantly to clients' success.

Arc Sastre
Advertising Specialist

Advertising Specialist

Sophie Down
Advertising Director

Advertising Director

Paul Jualayba
Graphic Designer

Paul is a skilled graphic designer boasting ten years of experience specialising in Amazon and Social Media advertising. Known for his ability to craft engaging visuals, Paul has dedicated his career to creating impactful advertisements that resonate across various platforms. His unique blend of creativity & strategic insight consistently delivers compelling designs aimed at driving results.

Harry Curtis
Content Specialist

Harry has a first in English Literature from the University of Bristol and a Post Graduate Diploma in Law. When not copywriting you'll most likely find him reading or playing a game of pickup basketball at the local hoop.

Our support team

Head of Security

We count on Frankie to be alert to keep our offices secure. Whether we are under threat from squirrels, knocks at the door, or tennis balls, he has us protected (after he has caught up on zzz's of course).

VP of Wellness and Recreation

Annie the ex-guide dog keeps office team members in good spirits with her calm demeanour and regular demands for belly rubs.

Chief Paper Shredder

Rufus loves paper almost as much as he loves the water. We have never tried both at the same time.... but... he would probably loose his mind.

Food Safety Inspector

Where could we be without an internal food inspector? She keeps us safe from all kinds of food!

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