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Between us, we've got decades of experience in eCommerce - we've worked internally at Amazon in the London HQ; run digital marketing for some of the world's top brands  (Tesco, Toys R Us, Canon Cameras, JP Morgan); and built up our own brands into best-sellers that have been awarded the Amazon’s Choice badge and hundreds of 5* reviews.

Stephen – Founder & Walking, Talking Amazon Encyclopaedia
During his time as at Amazon UK, Stephen learned pretty much everything there is to know about selling on Amazon. However, this wasn’t the start of his Amazon journey – he actually started selling during his time at Cambridge University (experience that has arguably proved more useful than his History degree...). Stephen’s the person to chat to about logistics, marketplace strategy and the inner workings of Amazon.

Chris – PPC Best Practice Expert & Nitty-Gritty Enthusiast
Chris sweats the small stuff. It’s been the same since he met Stephen at Cambridge and only got worse when he was working with Canon, Toys R Us and Hobbycraft whilst at Periscopix. He’s spent countless hours working out the best way to run PPC campaigns and is constantly tweaking our approach to ensure things are as efficient as possible. Frankly, we all think he should go outside a bit more, but he seems to enjoy it.

Linh – Amazon Expert & Technical Lifesaver
Linh is our Amazon Technical Expert and has helped hundreds of Amazon Sellers to manage their stores. Linh specialises in flat files, product creation, reporting, inventory management, Brand Registry... the list goes on. Feel free to give her a shout if you have any questions about the nuts and bolts of your Amazon account - we’ve yet to find a technical issue that she can’t fix!

Abby – Amazon Marketing Expert & PPC Aficionado
Abby is an Amazon PPC enthusiast, and the day-to-day management of your advertising will be in her extremely capable hands. She has tried and tested every possible PPC strategy (there are a lot!) and can always be relied on to be the first to find out about any new features that Amazon release. Get in touch with Abby if you need advice on your Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Steve – Product Strategy Expert & Big Picture Thinker
Steve is the big picture thinker in the office. He honed his strategic abilities working with the likes of JP Morgan, Tesco and WWF (pandas not wrestling), whilst he was part of the Dentsu-Aegis Network, and can now generally be found dissecting Brand Analytics data and coming up with innovative strategies to grow brands. Steve can help brainstorm ideas to take your products to the next level.

Daisy – Content Expert & Resident Wordsmith
Daisy loves writing, and helps to ensure that our clients’ listings are as compelling as possible. She has a background in book editing and a degree in Creative Writing (and Philosophy) from Princeton. During her time as a copywriter at iProspect, she provided content for brands like Johnson & Johnson, Travelodge, and British Gas. If you’re not content with your content (see what we did there?), Daisy’s on hand to help.

Neil – Product Design Expert & Creative Director
Neil leads Sitruna’s in-house product design efforts and is an expert in defining the creative direction of eCommerce brands. One of Neil’s degrees (he has 4!) is in Fine Art (specialising in photography and digital) and he’s worked as a commissioned artist. Luckily for us, he’s also got a real eye for creating brands that sell, which means that our Amazon Stores and A+ Content are gallery-worthy works of art!

Verity – Social Media Expert & Photography Buff
Verity is responsible for taking Sitruna’s photos and ensuring that the world sees them (yes, including those embarrassing team social ones). She ran Social Media for a Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity in (of course) Wales and for ITV's This Morning TV show. She takes incredible photos and video content – whether it’s white-background product shots or close-ups with Bottlenose dolphins.

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