Marketing the most nutritious of products with the lowest environmental impact, Dole plc is the world’s leading fresh produce provider. Dole’s mission is to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place.


Dole needed to optimise their Amazon listing images and create A+ content for their existing listing based on their visual identity.

A customer can decide if they like a product within 10 seconds. Exciting lifestyle images & informative infographics help potential customers understand the product, get a feel for the brand and increase the conversion rate.

We also optimised their listing titles, bullet points and back-end search terms to ensure their products are indexed for highly searched keywords.


Our team optimised the pack shots, added visual effects, and highlighted the benefits of the Fruit & Cream, Fruit in Juice, and Fruit in Jelly categories. Additionally, we built a template to build their A+ content, so the client can easily make changes, upload images & apply them to different products. In total, we created x 11 infographics and x 12 A+ content.

For copywriting, we added approximately 70 terms per listing, enabling over 5000 search combinations.


On the 18 products we optimised, we can note that they sit in the following Tinned Fruits Category search rankings:

• 4 are in the top 1%

• 5 are in Top 2 %

• 2 are in top 3%

• 1 is in top 4%

• 2 are in the top 20%

*Accurate as of 17th July 2023

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