Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint


Lucky Saint is an Award Winning #1 Rated Alcohol Free Beer. They have been with us since March 2022 and use our services on PPC management, technical assistance & copywriting!


We noticed that there was a YoY decrease in sales YoY. (2021 v 2022) and wanted to investigate options as to what the cause was.

Higher cost per click indicates that there was a higher competition for the same keywords, spend was similar YoY, but clicks are way down.

Another important thing found was that customer demand had not significantly increased. In Jan 2021, there were roughly 24,000 searches for "alcohol-free beer"; in Jan 2022, there were 25,000, which is only a 4.1% increase. This led us to consider that we were looking at ORGANIC factors rather than an ads issue.


When looking at the offerings to a "non-alcoholic beer" search, we can see that many Sellers were displaying the whole case pack as their main image. However Lucky Saint displayed a single image of the beer bottle (see below):


We suggested setting up an A/B experiment on the main image showing both the single bottle and the whole multipack (e.g. 12 bottles) to see if conversion would be positively impacted. There was a 74% probability our version was better, and in the 3 months after making the change we saw a 35% increase in sales.

A word from client

"Sitruna’s testing and recommendations on improving our performance by updating product imagery led to considerable uplift in sales – thank you for all the team on their hard work and proactiveness on this!" - Kerttu Inkeroinen, Marketing and E-commerce Director (July 2023)

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