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7 Steps to Amazon Sponsored Product (PPC) Success

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Jan 25, 2024
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7 Steps to Amazon Sponsored Product (PPC) Success

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Our Approach

The PPC experts in our team have come from an agency background and have worked with large eCommerce clients like Canon, Tesco, Hobbycraft, and Toys R Us to define and build PPC strategies.  We’ve also worked with hundreds of individual Sellers and SMEs across every imaginable category.  Finally (and we think most importantly) we run the PPC activity for our own products, which gives us a testing ground for innovations and new ideas.

Whilst every Seller and every product has unique requirements, there are several fundamental steps across all our clients to improve performance and maintain PPC Advertising cost:

7 Steps to PPC Success

1. Management by Humans:

Your account will be managed by a living, breathing, PPC-loving eCommerce expert.  We use software and tools to help us manage PPC campaigns, but ultimately every decision that is made on the account will be taken by a human being.

2. Intent focused campaigns:

We split our Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns based on intent-levels of a customer search terms.  This allows us to identify the right mix of activity to meet your profit goals.  We split out Brand and Generic traffic as these indicate different customer intent (purchase vs research), and split campaigns into Auto, Brand and Exact match types in order to effectively guide a user down the purchase funnel.

3. Product focused ad groups:  

Control over the performance of individual products is vital to efficient sales on Amazon.  We break out each of our campaigns into single product ad groups to give us the required granularity to ensure this is the case.

4. Keyword prospecting and mining:

Regular Search Term report analysis and keyword mining allows us to find both new opportunities and also remove the inefficient and non relevant search terms which drive up ACOS. Removing the inefficiencies means we can focus budget and optimisations towards higher relevancy and purchase intent search terms which drive up sales and lower ACoS.

5. Bid tiering:  

Our funnel based campaign structure allows us to tier our bids effectively – we ensure that bids are higher for high intent / low volume terms at the bottom of the funnel, and lower for volume-driving but lower conversion rate terms at the top of the funnel.

6. Profit-based optimisation:

We optimise towards the metric that actually defines the success of your business: Profit. Our analytics setup provides us with the insight required to make decisions that are focused on your bottom line.

7. Simple, insight driven reporting:

You will receive a clear, no-fuss report each weeks that tells you how much money you have made, what the key drivers of change have been, and what actions we have taken.  Transparency is key: we’ll tell you exactly how things are really going without the usual self-aggrandising agency-speak.

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