How to Prepare For Q4 on Amazon

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Jan 25, 2024
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How to Prepare For Q4 on Amazon

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Q4 can be a great time to start your journey with Amazon, or to boost sales. Many events such as Black Friday, Christmas, Back to School, and of course the Boxing Day sales can be the cash cow for many sellers.

This time of year, there will be a huge amount of competition. Sellers that are selling similar things to you with better images, relevant search terms, or even who might create sponsored brand campaigns on your own branded search terms. But how do you set yourself apart and make sure your listing is the highest up on the search results for 2021 Q4? Good question. Here are our top tips:

Top Tips for Q4 on Amazon

1. Images and Videos

If you have a non-seasonal product, you could update your listing images to include relevant seasonal suggestions (after your white background image). For example, adding in red/green props for Christmas, or including wrapping paper to demonstrate it would make a great gift. As always, make sure to make use of all the 7 image spaces. Amazon will rank listings with more images higher than listings with fewer. Along side the images, add a video. Do you have a seasonal video using your product? Perhaps you could film a Christmas morning reveal?

Another piece of content that works well for customers are how-to guides on how to use your product. For example, if you are selling kitchen utensils, perhaps they could be used to make Christmas cookies, or Halloween candy.

You should test listings with different main images prior to launch to see which combinations convert better. There is a huge benefit to doing these before Q4 so you can really hit the ground running and kick of the quarter with great sales.

2. Listing Text

Rather than changing your whole listing, perhaps you could change a few key search terms either in your title, bullet points or back-end search terms. For example “gifts for dad”, “back to school stationery”, “Halloween costume” etc. Top Tip: Remember, it is important to remember that it goes against amazon guidelines to include any superlative terms such as “best deal”.If you are not sure, you can use Amazon's A/B testing feature to find out which of your preferred titles convert better before the season starts! You can also visit our blog “The 4 Ways To Optimise Your Amazon Listings” for more tips.

3. A+ Content & Storefront

Can your storefront be changed or optimised for the relevant season in any way? This could be really helpful for customers and could boost conversion rates against your competitors! Storefronts can be adjusted to accommodate for any deals that you might be running, or for customers to easily see products that fall under the same category i.e. Halloween related, Christmas gifts etc.

Calendar: Key Events In Q4

🍋 Back to School – 1st September

🍋 Halloween – October 31st

🍋 Black Friday – 17 – 30 November

🍋 Cyber Monday – 29 November

🍋 Christmas – Guaranteed before Christmas Day 15th Dec

🍋 Boxing Day Sales – 26th December

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