Hot Off The Press: Amazon’s New Limited Availability Ocean Freight UK to US Shipping Programme

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May 27, 2024
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Hot Off The Press: Amazon’s New Limited Availability Ocean Freight UK to US Shipping Programme

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Yesterday Amazon announced their brand new UK to US Ocean Freight Shipping Programme. Sellers lucky enough to secure a limited spot on the programme can benefit from shorter lead times and faster replenishment with Amazon’s Carrier Partner, Xhipment. They will transport inventory held in the UK to Amazon FBA US, at extremely competitive shipping rates. This is a potential game changer for UK-based brands or those with UK-manufactured products wanting to tap into the US market. 

Some of you might be wondering why we recommend using UK inventory for the US marketplace. We’ll touch on this hassle-saving trick before explaining the benefits of this new programme and why we think you should jump on it faster than you can say logistics. 

Why Use UK Inventory for the US Marketplace

Centralising inventory in the UK is becoming much more common. Sellers take comfort in knowing stock can be distributed globally from the UK without too much hassle. Whilst it isn’t always plain sailing due to factors like freight speed, shipping costs and customs clearance, controlling global inventory from one location can dramatically improve efficiency, especially when you have an adept freight partner to distribute stock.

The Benefits of Using Amazon's Partnered Carrier Programme

More than ever, extended freight lead times and strict import/export regulations are impacting inventory management and sales. Amazon’s new programme makes replenishing US inventory a breeze. The service supports your logistics requirement to ship into Amazon FBA Fulfilment Centre, AWD, or 3PL in the US from your UK location. 

Amazon shared a sneak-peak into Xhipment’s latest ‘Ship to US Amazon FBA’ shipping rates for June:

Xhipment’s ‘Ship to US Amazon FBA’ shipping rates for June

Not only are these some of the most competitive prices we’ve seen as of late, but the programme has many other benefits, including hassle-free booking, door-to-door movements and end-to-end tracking. 

So what more do you need, run don’t walk to save your spot on Amazon’s UK to US Ocean Freight Shipping Programme! Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Take advantage of these super rates and save yourself the hassle that comes with overseas shipping. To chat to one of our Logistics Experts and secure your place on the programme hit the 'Let's Talk' button below!

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