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Is Your Account Retail Ready? Audit And Expert Optimisations To Drive Success On Amazon

Feb 3, 2023

Ensuring Your Account Is Retail Ready

If Selling on Amazon has taught us one thing, it’s that eCommerce is a complex process with a ton of moving parts. Product listings, back-end keywords, parent-child variations, reviews, fulfilment methods, images, branding issues with any of these individual elements can reduce the efficiency of your account and lead to lower profits.

Our Profit Accelerator audits ensure that your account is in the best possible shape and is fully “retail ready”.  We’ve developed a comprehensive checklist of the factors that have the biggest impact from our experience selling our own brands, and we use this to carry out a detailed health check of your account.

This service is included for free as part of our Profit Accelerator package: we want to ensure that your account is fully optimised for conversion rate before we ramp up the visibility of your products.

Improving Visibility and Optimising Conversion Rate

There are two fundamentals to selling on Amazon:

Our audit process is specifically designed to achieve these goals.

Unlike other marketing platforms (eg Google Ads), Amazon actually make money when you make a sale, which means that the algorithm favours products that sell well. This creates a cyclical relationship: you need to have visibility to sell, but you need to sell to have visibility.

Getting Your Products Seen

Whilst we are all beholden to the whim of the almighty algorithm, we can help you get through. We optimise backend keywords, ensure that listing content contains both searchable terms and relevant content and that titles are as informative and engaging as possible.  This increases your organic visibility, and reduces the burden on Sponsored Products to drive traffic to your listings which, in turn, increases profit margins.

Converting Research Into Sales

To boost conversion, we work with you on review generation strategies (using the Early Reviewer Programme, VINE and post order email follow-ups) whilst ensuring that you have the optimal Parent-Child relationships to share reviews, sales rank and concentrate their impact. We also ensure your fulfilment methods are as efficient as possible: achieving and maintaining the Prime badge is proven to drive a huge uplift in conversion rate.  

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