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New Amazon Premium A+ Content Feature: Do or Don’t?

Jan 17, 2023

With 9.7 million Amazon sellers worldwide, it’s fair to say that competition is rife. Now, more than ever, marketing products to stand out is paramount, and the premium A+ content feature is one way to give sellers that edge. Say goodbye to basic aesthetics and say hello to Amazon’s new strategic content tool that gives storefronts an eye-catching boost, increasing the chance of sales. Sounds good, right?

Before we tell you all about this advantageous feature, it’s only right that we first give you a quick introduction to standard A+. Simply put, basic A+ content is great. It’s free, simple to use, and allows a lot of space and flexibility to share a product’s story, not just its appearance. A+ content is available to brand-registered sellers and vendors, as well as titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.

Amazon A+ features include:

·       Multiple, varied images of a product

·       Strategically concise introduction

·       Video

·       Bullet points

·       360° product views

·       Matrix comparison charts

·       “What’s in the box” section

So, what is Amazon Premium A+ Content? And who can create A++ Content?

Taking A+ content one step further, some sellers have access to Amazon’s premium A+ content feature that is also referred to as A++. It is professional content available to high-performing, registered brands via Vendor Central and offers upgraded modules that incorporate more interactivity and take up the full width of a screen.

For a more enhanced user experience, the premium A+ content feature is a great tool, with participating brands having seen sales increase up to 20%. Premium A+ content fills the detail page with even more interactive options to lure potential customers. In addition to the 12 basic A+ content types, premium A+ offers 16 additional visually appealing modules to choose from. Some noteworthy features of premium A+ are:

·       Video (full width)

·       Video with text

·       Carousel modules

·       Images with hotspots

·       Images with background text

·       Interactive comparison charts

·       Full-width imagery

·       More space

·       Clickable Q&A

·       Mobile-friendly and voice-friendly product pages

·       Testimonials, and more

As seen above, premium A+ offers a plethora of content features to choose from. Amazon A++ increases the total number of modules brands can use (from seven to eight, up to 1464px wide) and expands usable page space to the entire width of the screen for a sophisticated and modern feel. This means that through use of imagery and video, a brand relies less on text content because of premium’s strict character limit. If you have a product that requires a detailed explanation, you may want to stick with basic A+.

How much does it cost?

It is important to note that although A++ seems like an attractive option, the reality is that this is only the case for some businesses. Read the step by step below to find out how your brand can utilise premium A+ for free.

Step by Step: How to Get Started with Premium A+ Content

  1. Start by getting access to Basic A+ content. Sell some products, get brand registered, and set up your Storefront.
  2. Create a Brand Story and be sure to publish it to all your ASINs.
  3. Create new pieces of A+ content. You need to have had over 15 pieces of content approved and published within the last 12 months.
  4. Keep an eye out for a notification banner! When you meet these requirements, Amazon will automatically give you access during the monthly Premium Amazon A+ content approval time.
  5. The Amazon Premium A+ content cost is now FREE if you meet the above requirements.  

Key Differences between Amazon A+ and A++ Content

Regardless of whether you make use of basic or premium A+, it is imperative that your product is presented correctly to produce effective A+ content. Remember, standard A+ content is better than poorly executed A++ content.

Still not sure whether premium A+ is the perfect fit for your brand?

Look at our list of pros and cons below.

A+ Content and Premium A+ Content with Sitruna

Whichever content tool ends up being the best fit for your brand, you’ll want to make the most of it. At Sitruna, our graphic and technical experts can create, submit, and help your brand use A+ and A++ content to increase conversions. Get in touch to learn more on how we can help your brand grow and get your products seen- all the way through checkout!

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