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Regular optimisations to make for Amazon PPC Success

Jan 17, 2023

Once you have set up your Amazon PPC campaigns there are regular optimisations that you will have to undertake to get the most out of your campaigns. Below is a list of optimisations that you should undertake on a regular basis.


Regular bid optimisations are crucial to get the most out of your PPC advertising campaigns. The basic idea is to increase bids where your keywords are performing well and decrease bids on keywords that are performing poorly. There is some nuance to how you undergo this depending on your PPC goals & strategy. The key is to consistently do this on a regular basis, how often depends on the amount of search traffic your campaigns get but we recommend adjusting bids once a week as standard. You can see the performance of all your keywords and product targets by running a bulk operations report which can be found in the bulk operations section on the advertising console.


Regular management of your PPC campaign budgets is important to maximising your ad sales. If a campaign has a too-small budget, it will stop delivering ads as soon as the budget limit is reached each day causing you to miss potential sales. This is especially relevant during peak seasons where there is more traffic on Amazon. We recommend checking your campaigns budgets on a bi-weekly basis at the least and ideally once a week.

Placement bids

Placement bids determine if you will increase bids for specific ad placements on Amazon. By increasing your placement bids means you can effectively bid higher to have your ads more likely appear on the top of search results of on other product pages. We recommend monitoring the performance of your campaigns on different placements and adjusting the bids every two weeks. You can see the placement performance and adjust placement bids in your campaigns by running a bulk operations report which can be found in the bulk operations section on the advertising console.

Adding New Keywords:

Adding new keywords is important to securing continued growth from your PPC campaigns. We recommended going through search terms reports and identifying relevant converting terms that are not already in your campaigns at least once a month but ideally once every two weeks. You can run search term reports from the ‘Measurement and reporting’ section of your advertising campaign manager.

Negative Keywords and Product Targets

Whilst you are looking for new keywords to add to your campaigns it is also important to identify irrelevant search terms that you wish to exclude. You can create negative keywords that exclude your ads from showing for certain search terms. In the same search term reports look for search terms that are gaining a lot of clicks but are not converting or are converting at a very high ACOS, you can also look for search terms that are clearly irrelevant to your products. Once you have the terms you wish to exclude then add them as negative keywords into your campaigns

Pause Poor Performers

One of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of your campaigns is by removing poorly performing keywords and product targets. In every PPC account, there will be some keywords that do not perform well. Instead of keeping these keywords in your campaigns we recommend pausing those that do not convert or have very high ACOS. When doing your bid adjustments, we recommend looking for keywords that have no conversions and those with over 100% ACOS and pausing them.

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