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SITRUNA Methodology: Profit Not A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S.

Feb 3, 2023

Telling You What You Really Want to Hear (Even If It’s Bad News)

Having been on both sides of the agency/client relationship, we’re fully aware that there’s a tendency to hide behind a myriad of acronyms, use baffling corporate-speak to mask performance issues and produce inexplicably ever-positive reports no matter how much money actually ends up in your pocket.  

We won’t do this.  It doesn’t help anyone.

We focus on the only metric that is a true indicator of success: profit.  This means that we will tell you when this increases (yay), and when it decreases (aww).  We’ll dig into why changes in profit have happened, and what actions we are going to take off the back of them.

Clear Weekly Update

We provide a weekly breakdown of performance, with profit as the primary focus.  We look into the more traditional metrics like traffic, sales, ACOS etc, but treat these as diagnostic tools that help us to answer the real question: how much money am I actually making, and how is this changing over time?

Profit Dashboard and Account Reporting

It feels like this should be a question that’s simple to answer, but, as Sellers, we found it surprisingly difficult to get to the bottom of.  

Seller Central is, frankly, not the most transparent reporting platform, and we were finding that finding the answer to this problem required three separate reports, 5 separate pivot tables, tens of vlookups, several hours and a huge dollop of frustration. So we built ourselves a reporting view that gives us everything that we, as sellers, need to see on a daily basis.  

This includes FBA fees, storage fees, tax, returns, COGs and any of the other unavoidable costs that go into Selling on Amazon, as well as sales from organic and paid activity. We use Google Data Studio to visualise this information, which means that you can combine this data with other marketing channels for an overall view of your eCommerce activity.

Granular Visibility on the Important Metrics

Profit is always going to be the central pillar of our reporting. However, we break this down into a number of contributory metrics that allow us to diagnose why changes in profit are occurring. These areas include:

These metrics are provided as an overall view on account performance, then segmented by region, by product and by advertising campaign to give you both a top line view on what's going on in the account and a way to deep dive into performance trends.

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