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The Best Amazon PPC Software Tools: 2023 Recommendations

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Jan 25, 2024
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The Best Amazon PPC Software Tools: 2023 Recommendations

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When it comes to selling on Amazon, Pay-Per-Click advertising is an essential puzzle piece to your marketing strategy. Although helping you reach more customers and sell more products, PPC can prove tricky to navigate in managing campaigns and ads by yourself. Insert Amazon PPC tools; software that can automate PPC tasks, so you can hit those marketing goals.


In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the best Amazon PPC software tools out there and explain how you can use them to your business’ advantage.



The first tool on our list – and one that we use ourselves –is Perpetua. A market-leading Amazon PPC management tool with a focus on the more premium end of the market, Perpetua helps to drive growth in many areas of Amazon advertising.


Key Features

With aims of collating everything needed to drive profitable market share growth for eCommerce brands, including Marketplace Advertising Optimisation, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, and Market Intelligence Reporting, Perpetua captures the rationale of driving results through goals, not campaigns. Helping to save you time and money with automated campaign creation, execution, and optimisation, you can input your strategic objectives(growth, profitability, brand defence, awareness), and somewhat relax as Perpetua’s ad engine will carry out performance tactically.


Starts at $250/month and increases at approximately 5% of monthly ad spend.


Helium 10 Adtomic

A standout in just about any area it steps into, Helium 10, now with PPC tools such as Adtomic, really is the gift that keeps on giving. No wonder we are over the moon to bean official Helium 10 partner!


Key Features

Adtomic, as part of the full Helium 10 suite of tools, is a great value-add for existing subscribers, and proves to be a solid option as a stand-alone tool.


With a slick user interface, Adtomic also allows for analysis of PPC performance, creating keyword bidding and harvesting rules, and applying rules either manually or with automation. Additionally, you can quickly and easily set up new PPC campaigns structured for growth and establish rules for ongoing optimisation. This flexibility carries through to the actions carried out while adhering to given rules. You can decide to set them to automatically make changes or manually check each suggestion if you prefer more visibility, perfect when launching new products on Amazon as this allows you to keep a closer eye on things to ensure that that algorithm is working as accurately as it should.



With a widespread of tools, including PPC-related tools that will undoubtedly be fine-tuned even further, it is unlikely that you will get abetter value for money while having access to such a powerful tool.

With that being said, Helium 10’s Diamond Plan is your best bet if you are wanting to make use of Adtomic.

The Diamond Plan is $209/month and includes full access to all Adtomic features up to $20k/month in ad spend – there will be an additional 2% charge on ad spend over $20k.



Claiming to be “the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel ad platform”, Quartile offers a team of over 300 certified professionals, as well as cutting edge AI technology to help Amazon sellers see a surge in converting shoppers on every marketing channel.


Key Features

Consisting of six exclusive, machine-learning technologies to optimise your e-commerce business, with Quartile’s Amazon PPC software, set your goals and allow their system to take care of the rest, optimising campaigns all the way to product and keyword level. It also allows users to blend cross-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns in one platform and provides a dedicated client success manager.



Currently, there is no set fee in place so you may need to get in touch with Quartile to obtain a price quote.


An AI-powered advertising platform designed to connect, optimise, and grow your business on Amazon,, and beyond.


Key Features

Working to remove guesswork, Teikametrics provides fully connected, multi-channel data insights with its Flywheel 2.0 functionality allowing you to fully automate key advertising tasks in a bid to maximise every bit of money spent on Amazon and Walmart.


Designed to do the ‘heavy lifting’ so-to-speak, so you can get on with what lights you up in your Amazon business. Teikametrics’ PPC management software offers both the software tool and Amazon PPC management services to users, allowing business owners to take a hands-off approach to Amazon advertising.



Start with a free plan up to $10k/month and pay 3% of monthly ad spend beyond that point.



A suite of analytical and data-driven tools to encourage Amazon sellers to make better decisions in growing their business, Sellerboard’s main tool is a very accurate profits dashboard. Support with Amazon PPC management is also available.


Key Features

Sellerboard offers four main features:

1.      A clear and accurate PPC profit and loss dashboard so you can assess the effectiveness of your ad spend quickly and easily.

2.      An automated bid optimisation functionality that allows you to set a target ACOS for the system to automatically adjust bids to meet your ACOS goals.

3.      A keyword harvesting feature so that your campaigns continually use PPC data to find and prioritise the best keywords.

4.      With any of the above features, you have the option of manual approval or placing them on autopilot mode.



Sellerboard offers a 1 month’s free trial. Should you decide to carry on with your plan, pricing starts at $15/month.



Although you may at times feel lost finding your way through the world of PPC, we hope that this condense list of some of the best PPC tools out there will help you to choose a PPC ally you can rely on.


If, however, you are looking for a further - human - helping hand in boosting profitability, visibility and brand awareness via PPC, feel free to get in touch with us today by clicking the Let’s Talk button at the top of the page.

Our Amazon team is ready to help you succeed.

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