aden + anais

aden + anais


aden + anais are one of the leading sellers within the baby category. They sell on multiple channels, as well as wholesaling to third-party sellers.


They started their journey on Amazon Vendor but found operational complexity as well as other challenges, necessitated a move to become an Amazon Seller. Our challenge was to help them launch on Seller Central and into the EU marketplaces with FBA. In addition, we managed their PPC ad campaigns and assisted with inventory planning and graphics across their listings.


Initially, we were able to duplicate all Vendor Listings across firstly to Seller Central UK, then into the EU marketplace.

We needed to establish an inventory strategy combined with deal planning to ensure that aden + anais were able to improve their IPI score to get an increase in their storage within FBA from 5000 units to unlimited in the second half of 2022. This meant that they could increase stock in FBA ahead of summer sales, Prime Day and the many Q4 events to reach internal sales goals for Amazon.

By reviewing aden + anais’ IPI score biweekly, we could monitor the inventory health to ensure that we took the necessary actions to improve the sell-through rate of slow-moving items, including discounts, deals and vouchers. We were able to increase their score from 384 to 446, which in turn enabled aden + anais to have their storage limit removed on the 1st of July.

In addition to the above, we built a custom tool that aden +anais could use that pulled in their Restock Report and Daily Inventory Report to give an accurate and detailed view of stock across the UK and EU to decide if items are on promotion or the slow movers list and decrease/ increase quantities if needed.

Lastly, we created a deals event planner for aden + anais to plan in advance for Amazon events like End of Summer Sales and Black Friday. This meant that throughout the year, no deal events were missed, and in the non-event periods, we could submit coupons and discounts on items that were overstocked or negatively impacting their IPI score.


10x increase in sales

We were able to increase their sales by 9084% YTD and a 4058% increase MoM from July to August!

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