Antler sells a range of premium hand luggage, casual bags and accessories on Amazon and joined us in April 2021 with a view to improving their organic factors affecting details pages.


Antler joined us in April 2021 with a view to improving their organic factors affecting detail pages. This included:

  • Technical assistance with creating parent + child relationships for their product ranges,
  • Copywriting to ensure all their listings are SEO friendly, include all of their important USPs and match their websites brand messaging.
  • Graphic work on images, A+content, videos, brand story and storefronts.


We created a priority list of ASINs to tackle, starting with their most popular lines. We also expedited new content when they had newlines come in throughout the year.


We uploaded x 109 infographic images, x 94 A+ Contents, 1 video, x 1 storefront, and around 9,800 keywords to their listings resulting in an increase in sales YoY.

A word from client

“We have had a fantastic two Prime Days, so I wanted to reach out personally to say thank you to the Sitruna team for all the hard work on the listing optimisation which helped deliver this result.” – Michael O’Connor, Head of eCommerce (July 2023)

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