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Beechmore Books


Beechmore books is a brand established by Sitruna’s founder, Stephen Harris in 2018. Since then, it has grown into one of Amazon’s best-selling notebooks. Beechmore Books are sold on their website and Shopify in the EU & US.


Beechmore Books is an established brand with good sales on Amazon, but with increasing CPCs and competition, it was challenging to maintain a low ACOS and grow sales simultaneously and our ads weren't scaling beyond a certain point. 


We reworked our ad strategy and relaunched our PPC campaigns using the Perpetua ad tech platform. For our Sponsored Product campaigns, we took all our products and grouped them into goals with individual ACOS targets based on historical performance and our internal targets. 

We also took our top-selling ASIN and created an individual ‘hero’ goal. Within this goal, we created “keyword boosts” targeting some of the highest-traffic keywords. In setting up these goals, we took the converting keywords and product targets from our previous PPC campaigns. This helped to ensure that we did not see a fall in sales once Perpetua went live.  

For Sponsored Brand campaigns, we took our existing campaigns and moved them on to Perpetua. We replaced our existing Sponsored Display campaigns with campaigns built within Perpetua to target competitor products, our own products, as well as remarketing.


Over the first 6 weeks of running PPC with Perpetua ad tech, we saw our overall PPC sales increase by 53%. All three ad types saw performance improvements. Our Sponsored Product campaigns were the most extensive before launching, and after launching on Perpetua, we saw an increase in sales of over 20% and a slight improvement in ACOS. 

We were very impressed with the performance of our Sponsored Brand campaigns. After moving these campaigns to Perpetua, sales increased by almost 440%. We did not launch any new Sponsored Brand campaigns during this period, so this was purely an improvement from existing PPC campaigns from hourly bid changes and an increase in data availability.

The new Sponsored Display campaigns also significantly outperformed our previous campaigns. We saw sales increase by 500% in the six weeks following the launch. In addition to the improved sales, our Sponsored Display ACOS improved from 43% to 31%.

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Perpetua's ad tech platform has provided additional data, ad tools and hourly bid changes that increased Beechmore Books PPC Sales by over 50%

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