Greens Steel

Greens Steel


In 2015, Greens Steel was founded in response to the growing awareness of the damage caused by single-use plastics. The founders had noticed the enormous amounts of litter, including plastic water bottles, straws, and disposable coffee cups, being discarded. Greens Steel now offers a variety of water bottles, tumblers, cups, and straws.

They currently sell their products in America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.


Amazon insists that listings be provided in the local language of each marketplace. This makes it much easier for customers to understand your product detail pages and feel confident in making a purchase.

Amazon’s search engine, now called the A10 algorithm, is a powerful tool. It scours through all the relevant products on the site and picks out those with the exact words and phrases customers are searching for.

These products are more likely to show up first in search results, giving them a significant edge. So, in order to improve sales ranking, conversion rates and improve sales, we needed to update product detail pages with the most up-to-date, country-specific search terms and keywords.


We worked with our partners Translate To Sell to ensure that the copywriting: titles, bullet points and search terms, as well as the graphics, infographics and A+ Content were updated in all EU languages (FR, DE, IT, ES).

Translate to Sell provides Amazon product translations with language-specific SEO. By using specialised programmes that identify Amazon-specific top-ranking search terms and keywords, combined with expert translations, they can ensure complete optimisation of listings in chosen languages.  

Incorporating search engine Optimisation (SEO) throughout listings guarantees that products have the BEST chance of being found in the Amazon jungle. Each SEO translation includes a backend keyword list to further boost selling opportunities.


  • Search ranking before change: 44,416 in Kitchen and Home
  • Search ranking after change: 2,724 in Kitchen and Home

Today they rank in #5 in kids water bottles and saw a 262% increase in sales compared to the 3 months before.


A word from client

It’s been so easy working with Sitruna, everything from communication to reporting has been spot on. They offer a wide range of services and are always on hand when we need them.

Abdullah Green, Company Director

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