Opposuits is a category-leading multinational retailer of fancy dress suits.


Our client required a granular Amazon advertising structure that could drive significant YoY PPC order growth across multiple marketplaces. The client required maximum control over their large catalog of products (circa 1,000+), with each product available in multiple different sizes in a competitive category. We also needed to meet strict ACoS & TACoS targets.


  • Account Campaign Structure - Product-level campaign structure with ad group splits by size to maximize control over bids, budgets and reporting. Campaigns split between Brand & Generic targeting reflecting the differences in search intent.
  • Leveraged The New Amazon Similar Audience Targeting -  Introduced Sponsored Display campaigns targeting shoppers who previously viewed the detail pages of products similar to their products (competitors).
  • Introduced Remarketing Campaigns - Re-engaged non-converting first-interaction users with further messaging to drive sales and push users down the funnel over 60 days.
  • Increased Share Of Voice On Organic Results - leveraged ASIN Defense campaigns to target PPC ads where the client's products were winning organic placements with accompanying PPC ads to increase visibility.
  • Data-driven Optimisations - Maximized top-of-search page visibility through placements bid adjustments and granular bid changes.


2022 outperformed 2021 culminating in a 10% increase in their USA PPC orders & 31% increase in UK PPC orders, whilst remaining within strict ACoS & TACoS targets.

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