JustWears is a pioneering London-based D2C brand, on a mission to revolutionise men's basics with a perfect blend of cutting-edge design and sustainable materials. Spearheading their collection is the flagship award-winning "Palace For Your Phallus™" underwear, crafted from premium Beech tree fibres and featuring their patented pouch design, which has gained widespread acclaim for its exceptional comfort and support. The brand's journey was highlighted on BBC's Dragons' Den, catapulting them to the forefront of the comfortwear revolution.


JustWears is in a highly competitive niche on Amazon, where leading competitors offer products at lower prices. The increasing Cost Per Click (CPC) on Amazon was also challenging in all marketplaces. Juggling to maintain the target Cost Per Action (CPA) and Total Advertising Cost of Sale (TACoS) and at the same time aiming to expand sales and reach more new-to-brand customers.


We carried out the following actions:

  • Listing Optimisations: Improved the product detail pages, enhanced ad copy, created engaging A+ content and compelling brand stories. Aiming to boost conversion rates and effectively showcase the unique features of their sustainably made men’s underwear. This enhancement ensures that their products stand out and resonate with the target audience, highlighting comfort and sustainability.
  • Climate Pledge Friendly Badge: Assisted in obtaining certification so that the badge is visible on the listing and store pages.
  • Account Campaign Structure: Launched structured campaigns that utilised branded terms, mid-funnel terms and ASIN targeting.
  • Launched SB and SD campaigns: To increase brand awareness and reach new-to-brand customers.
  • Optimisation of PPC through Perpetua: One of the pioneer accounts that was added to Perpetua (Sept 2022) has helped us optimise sales potential while maintaining the target TACoS and CPA. Thus, we focused on identifying more opportunities to improve brand visibility and testing new PPC strategies.


Overall sales grew by 64% YoY. (*Notes: Notes: This is based on Aug 21 – Jun 22 vs Aug 22- Jun 23 Overall Sales data)

Since we migrated (Sept 2022) and launched new campaigns through Perpetua, ad sales increased by 57%.  (*Notes: This is based on Sept 21 – Jun 22 vs Sept 22- Jun 23 Ad Sales data)

SB and SD campaigns helped increased brand awareness thru increasing new-to-brand purchases from these campaigns.

A word from client

The team at Sitruna have provided excellent guidance on how to sustainably grow our Amazon performance. It's clear they are experts in both the Retail and Media on Amazon, helping us navigate through content improvements, uploading new SKUs, creating promotions and optimising Ad campaigns, all resulting in growth within defined efficiencies. Our account manager is always quick to respond to questions and provides proactive updates, which is much appreciated!

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