Three Spirit

Three Spirit


Three Spirit is a prominent brand in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, renowned for its plant-based, alcohol-free alternatives to traditional spirits. The brand's range of innovative and sophisticated drinks caters to health-conscious individuals seeking unique sensory experiences without alcohol. While already successful in some markets, Three Spirit faced the challenge of limited brand presence in Amazon's biggest marketplace, the United States. To overcome this obstacle and tap into the vast US consumer base, they decided to collaborate with Sitruna.


Three Spirit's primary challenge was establishing a strong brand presence in the highly competitive US marketplace. The specific challenges they encountered were:

  • Market Entry Barriers: Entering the US market was not a simple task due to the size and diversity of the market. Three Spirit needed expert guidance to navigate Amazon's complex requirements and regulations.
  • Establishing Brand Awareness: The US market was unfamiliar with Three Spirit's brand and products. Building brand awareness and credibility in a new market was essential to gain the trust of US consumers.
  • Localised Strategy: Three Spirit needed a localised marketing and advertising strategy to resonate with the preferences and culture of US customers.
  • Fierce Competition: The US market for non-alcoholic beverages was highly competitive, with many established and emerging brands vying for attention. Three Spirit needed a clear competitive edge to stand out.


Sitruna devised a comprehensive approach to help Three Spirit overcome the challenges and successfully expand into the US market:

  • US-Specific Product Listings: Sitruna optimised Three Spirit's product listings for the US audience, ensuring they were localised, keyword-rich, and compliant with Amazon's US marketplace guidelines.
  • Localised Advertising Campaigns: Sitruna designed targeted advertising campaigns to maximise exposure, utilising sponsored product ads and display ads to reach US customers interested in non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • US Market Insights and Performance Monitoring: Sitruna closely monitored performance metrics, analysed customer insights, and adapted strategies accordingly to optimise Three Spirit's US market performance continually.


The collaboration between Three Spirit and Sitruna resulted in significant accomplishments:

  • Established US Presence: Three Spirit successfully established a robust brand presence in the US Amazon marketplace, gaining visibility and recognition among US consumers. The brand generated $55k in sales during its first launch month and quickly became its biggest market.
  • Competitive Edge: The localised strategy and unique product offerings gave Three Spirit a competitive edge in the US non-alcoholic beverage market.

In conclusion, the partnership with Sitruna facilitated Three Spirit's successful expansion into the US market. Through a well-crafted strategy, localised approach, and targeted marketing initiatives, Three Spirit overcame initial challenges and solidified its position in one of the world's largest marketplaces. With a strong brand presence and continued dedication to customer satisfaction, Three Spirit is poised for continued success in the competitive US non-alcoholic beverage market.

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