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Add Sitruna to your Amazon account

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January 21, 2023
A clack at 12:20

Providing Sitruna with access to your Amazon Seller Central account is a quick two part process.

1) Invite our email address (

2) Add required permissions once we've accepted the invitation.


1. Invite a user

Under Settings, click User Permissions.

Enter the name (Sitruna) and the email address ( and click Send invitation.

TIP: If you don't have access to the "User Permissions" page, you may still be on the Individual subscription plan which doesn't allow secondary users.
Alternatively, you may not have the required permissions to add users from your own login - make sure you are using the "primary user" email (the one you used to register your Amazon account).

2. Add user permissions

Once we have accepted your invite, you will need to add access permissions. This can take a few hours to work, so you may need to wait and come back later.

- Go back to the User Permissions page.

- Click Manage Permissions next to the new account. You may be asked to "verify identity" of the new user. Click continue.

Click "Manage Permissions" to edit access

- Click the checkbox under “View and Edit” to assign permissions. See below for the permissions that we require.

Click "View & Edit" to bulk select every permission in the group

TIP: Do not provide access for Manage Refunds or Manage Returns as this will trigger verification requirements.

Permissions to add:

Please add "View & Edit" permissions to everything in the following sections:

> Advertising

> Inventory

> Media Upload

> Performance

> Reports

> Store Design

Under orders, we will need: 

> Manage Orders

> Transactions

Under settings, we will need: 

> Fulfilment Settings

> Manage Your Cases

To grant Sitruna direct access to manage permissions and add any permissions required in future, under Settings, please add

> User Permissions

3. Add additional region

You will need to do the above steps separately for Europe and North America Amazon accounts if access is required to both.

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