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Amazon Image Guidelines 2023

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February 14, 2023
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Primary Product Image

Amazon requires you to have a white background photo as your primary image. Here are some of our recommendations for maximising this image:

  1. Fill the frame. Too much white on a primary image causes your listing to sink into the background on search results.
  2. Consider including packaging if it's attractive/a selling point.
  3. You can add a close up swatch photoshopped onto the image. This can be great for products with fabric/pattern/colour details that would help sell the product.
  4. If you have the same product available in different colours or materials, you can add a (non active) banner of swatch options, photoshopped onto the image.
  5. You must keep the focus on your product, and not include unnecessary props, but if you are selling, say, a phone screen protector, you can include the phone with the screen protector in the image.

On the technical side:

Listing Images

Of your six supplementary listing images, we recommend a mix of white background product shots, highlighting technical features, and lifestyle photography, showing the product in context. The crucial thing is to have high quality imagery, and to use the full capacity of your listing image space.

White Background Product Photography
  1. Make sure you show the product from different angles.
  2. Show close ups of appealing features.
  3. Include a photo of the product in packaging, if it is nicely presented/a gift product.
  4. Consider including infographic information photoshopped onto an image - this can be a great way to show dimensions or explain functionality details.

Lifestyle Photography

Nothing sells a product better than some well-taken photos of the product in the right context. We recommend using as much lifestyle imagery on your listing as possible, once you've covered showing the technical specifications in white background shots. For planning your lifestyle shots, it can help to consider the following points:

  1. Think about where your product would be used. Customers often like to see the product in the intended user context. Show a car air freshener hanging from a wing mirror, for example.
  2. Think about where your product would look best. Design products, and those bought for fun, are often best advertised in less utilitarian settings. There is absolutely room to be creative and imaginative in your lifestyle images.
  3. Think about who would use your product. Product images including people can be great, if well-taken. But make sure that any models will seem relatable or aspirational to your target market.
  4. Include general brand shots if applicable. Not every image has to focus on just this product. If several of your products are best bought together, show them set up as such. You can even include an image or two where your product is less of the focus than the general brand impression and atmosphere in which people would use your product.

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