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NARF - How it Works, How to Check Eligibility, How to Sign Ip

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February 13, 2023
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Remote Fulfillment with FBA l lets sellers in the US sell to customers in Canada and Mexico without having to send inventory to those countries. When you enroll in the program and create offers on and, Fulfillment by Amazon will use your inventory in US fulfillment centers to fulfill orders across the border directly to the customer, through Amazon Services LLC.

The program offers Prime customers free shipping in Mexico (5 to 9 days) and Canada (7 to 12 days). Customers pay applicable import duties and taxes on the items they order and take ownership after the shipping company picks up the items from the US fulfillment center. Returns go directly back to the US and are subject to the FBA customer returns policy.

Orders will appear in your Canada or Mexico seller account, based on where the customer bought your product.

Note: Remote Fulfillment is different fromFBA Export. With FBA Export, sellers make their offers available to customers worldwide for purchase on

Program fees

For details about program fees and surcharges, go to Remote Fulfillment with FBA fees. Program fulfillment fees and surcharges apply only to sales of products on and and are different from your US FBA fulfillment fees.Standard US FBA fulfillment fees will apply for sales on The referral fee will be based on the store where the customer buys the item.

Note: Customers, not sellers, pay import duties and taxes on items bought through Remote Fulfillment.

Product eligibility

Not all items are eligible to sell through Remote Fulfillment with FBA to Canada or Mexico. To be eligible, a product must meet the following conditions:

The following product types are not eligible:

We continually monitor factors that can affect ASIN eligibility so that products are safe for customers to import. When an ASIN becomes ineligible, it’s most likely because of a change in trade compliance regulations or other eligibility factors.

In some cases, an ASIN is eligible for cross-border fulfillment under a different fulfillment method, such as local FBA fulfillment or seller-fulfilled, but is not eligible for Remote Fulfillment with FBA.That could be because there are additional documentation requirements for customs or specific shipping or packing requirements.

Tip: If your ASIN is not eligible for Remote Fulfillment but you still want to sell it in Canada or Mexico or both, you can send it directly to the country for sale through FBA in each country or list it as a seller-fulfilled offer.

How to Enroll in Remote Fulfillment

To be eligible for Remote Fulfillment, you must be a professional seller registered for FBA in the US and the destination stores that you want to sell in, and have a North America Unified Account with FBA Export enabled. Once you enroll, you will be automatically connected to the Build International Listings, which will duplicate your US FBA listings in one or more of your enrolled stores, and quickly make your eligible ASINs available for sale.

Starting July 1, 2022, eligible sellers for Remote Fulfillment in Canada or Mexico or both will be automatically enrolled, unless they have unenrolled from the program before that date. You will receive an alert on your Seller Central homepage notifying you of your upcoming automatic enrollment in one or more of your eligible stores at least 30 days before the enrollment date. The notification will also provide you with access to a landing page where you can choose to opt out of one or more of the stores that you don’t want to be enrolled in at any point during the 30-day period.

You also have the option to manually enroll or unenroll from Remote Fulfillment in one or more of the stores that you are eligible for at any time. Follow these steps to manually enroll and begin selling:

1. Download your ASIN Status report from the Remote Fulfillment page to do the following:

2. Upload the edited file to update the ASIN status

Note: After you enroll in Remote Fulfillment with FBA, it may take up to 24 hours to determine whether your ASIN is eligible.

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