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2021 Amazon Prime Day For Sellers: What More Can You Do?

Jan 17, 2023

This year's Amazon Prime Day is taking place between Monday 21st June - Tue 22nd June, and whilst it's too late for you to set up any of your products as deals now, there are still loads of ways you can benefit from Prime Day. If you need any take taking advantage of the next Amazon Prime Day, please get in touch with us, we would love to help.

What can I do to benefit from Prime Day?

It's too late to set up any Prime Day deals now but that's ok, the noise on the deals pages will be very loud and it will be hard for your products to get any visibility. Fear not though, there are still a couple of ways you can still run activities to drive conversion with all the deal-hunting extra traffic on site.

Opportunity One: Create a Sale

Regardless of whether you have a prime-eligible selection or not, improve conversion by creating a sale on the selection you would like to promote during the peak 48-hour window.

This can be done by going to Manage Inventory > Select SKU > Edit > Offer.  

It is critically important, that you choose your promotion products wisely. Pay close attention to those product listings and choose well-reviewed, price competitive, strong image supported products. If you choose poor listing pages that have negative reviews - or even very low numbers of reviews - just reducing the price may not be enough to drive sales.

Opportunity Two: Run a Voucher

Again, not limited to Prime selection, vouchers are a very flexible and effective way of offering discounts on your selection of anywhere between 5% - 80% off (making them possible to run on the selection with tighter margins vs. minimum deal criteria of 20%). The voucher appears with a little green flag on search results, making your offer stand out.

Regardless of whether you have deals set up for Prime Day or not, the following steps will help you increase the visibility of all of your products over the deal period.

Opportunity Three: Prime Day Focussed Advertising

By implementing strategic advertising on your Prime Day offers, you can help maximise sales. Purchasing strong visibility on strategically important search results and competitor product listing pages will work towards this goal. To truly maximize your share of voice, consider targeting sponsored product, sponsored brand and even sponsored brand video campaigns on those important and relevant search terms. We would recommend running “Prime Day” messaging for the headline in your Sponsored Brand campaigns to further drive awareness of the promotion.

The scale of the marketing from Amazon, means that Prime day will see a huge surge in traffic to Amazon with many products added to shoppers baskets that will not have prime day promotions running. I would look to raise your “always-on” advertising campaign daily budget caps and raise the CPC bids for areas that normally perform well to take advantage of the surge in users.

Be aware, optimizing will be a challenge during the promotion due to the limited time period of the offer. You may be able to check the performance of the 21st June on the 22nd June itself, and reduce bids, remove search terms through negative targeting etc, but the damage may be done already if you see high spend and low sales. The auction will be red hot on the day, and some sellers will bid high for visibility and therefore you should anticipate CPCs above the norm. It is important to critically evaluate your listings prior to the event and avoid supporting listings with a poor listing page experience. This is particularly the case for listings with negative / low reviews and those with a price positioning that is still too far removed from user expectations for that type of product. Consumers are savvy, just because you think your product has a good discount, does not mean that users will opt for it over other competitor products that better reviewed and more relevant and therefore your conversion rate may not spike as you would like.

Opportunity Four: Align Product Listing Page Messaging

From an Organic perspective, it can be advantageous to use Prime day messaging on the listing page itself. For example, if you have a product listing description that calls out your product as a good gifting option, then edit the description to align with this event. For example “The perfect gift” can be edited to say “The perfect Prime day treat.” Furthermore, you can edit your listings “backend” keywords in seller central to include prime day terms.

Opportunity Five: Create A Prime Day promotions page for your Amazon Brand Store

For sellers running multiple promotions, you can look to create a custom Prime day promotions page within your Amazon store to showcase the range of discounts. Furthermore, you can ensure that this page has prominent visibility on your store’s homepage to draw further attention to the offers and educate users further.

Opportunity Six: Utilise Your Other Channels

If you have a strong presence outside of Amazon, you can leverage this to push more referral traffic to your listings. If you've built up a following for your product on social media, those potential customers might not even realise they have access to your product on Amazon. These deals will be additionally appealing to them, as the time pressure will feel much more limited. If you look at the recently released  'friends and family code' from beauty brand Glossier, you can see the effectiveness of a time-sensitive deal when given to customers from brands who don't normally discount. Customers who have had your products sitting in their baskets will be tipped over the purchase line with this little push in conjunction with one-off deals and excellent listing pages, simultaneously increasing traffic to the page.

We test all of our strategies out on our in-house Amazon brand, Beechmore Books, so we know that they work. If you want to chat with us about how to increase your visibility and drive sales, we would love to hear from you.  

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