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Managing Amazon FBA Stock Between UK & EU: Remote Fulfilment

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Mar 8, 2024
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Managing Amazon FBA Stock Between UK & EU: Remote Fulfilment

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If you're a seller navigating the wild waters of Amazon FBA across borders, buckle up because we're about to shine a spotlight on the game-changer known as Remote Fulfilment.

Picture this: you're a UK-based seller, cruising along with your Amazon FBA business, shipping products seamlessly to customers across the EU. Life is good - smooth sailing, if you will, until Brexit comes crashing in, throwing customs checks and VAT regulations into the mix.

Enter: Remote Fulfilment. This nifty little innovation is here to save the day, offering a streamlined approach to managing your inventory between the UK and EU markets.

Remote Fulfilment between the UK & EU: An overview

What is it?

Previously known as the European Fulfilment Network, Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU allows you to sell your products across borders quickly without having to send inventory into those countries yourself and without the requirement to register for VAT in the destination store. Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU is available between the UK and Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

How does it work? 

Simply continue to send your FBA inventory to your local fulfilment centres and enable Remote Fulfilment with FBA. Amazon will fulfil your orders across the border on your behalf, maximising inventory control and flexibility. But wait, there’s more! Amazon holds responsibility for collecting and remitting any VAT or import duties on the sale that the customer pays at checkout.


Why sell with Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU?

-          Fulfil Cross-Border Orders Seamlessly with a Single VAT Number

With Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU, you can effortlessly fulfil orders in both regions without the hassle of registering for VAT in each destination store. Amazon or the customer takes care of any VAT payments, simplifying your operations. To learn more, go to the UK and EU VAT on E-commerce legislation.


-          Sell to millions and provide customers with the Prime experience!

List your products in the required Amazon European stores, with Prime badge eligibility in the countries you selected for storage. Customers worldwide trust Amazon Prime for faster, more reliable deliveries.


-          Inbound Once, Fulfil Across Borders

Opt for Remote Fulfilment between the UK and EU to streamline your logistics. Choose to inbound your inventory to one side of the border, and Amazon will efficiently fulfil cross-border orders using that inventory. Whether you're already inbounding into the UK, EU, or both, Amazon will first ship your eligible items from local fulfilment centres and seamlessly switch to Remote Fulfilment if needed, where respective fees apply.


-          Let Amazon take care of duties and customs!

You sell, Amazon ships your eligible products to your customers for you. Minimise the need to manage multiple vendors and systems to ensure shipping and regulatory requirements are met.


Build International Listings tool

We know what you’re thinking, talk is cheap, right? How do you actually implement Remote Fulfilment and make it work for your business? *drum roll please* We present to you the Build International Listings tool.

Save time and effort by managing offers in one marketplace with Amazon’s Build International Listings tool (or BIL, for short), allowing you to:

  • Create and update offers from a single source marketplace to one or more target marketplaces. 
  • Save time and effort by managing all locale offers in one single marketplace. From that source marketplace, the tool will update eligible offers and prices in the target marketplaces based on your specific settings and the currency exchange rates.

Build International Listings performs the following automated tasks:

  • Creates offers from a source marketplace to a target marketplace where the same ASINs already exist in both marketplaces.
  • Attempts to translate and create product detail pages in a target marketplace. * At Sitruna, we offer comprehensive listing optimisation and translation services.
  • Synchronises the offer prices in target marketplaces based on the price you set in the source marketplace and your pricing rules.
  • Adjusts prices periodically to reflect currency conversion fluctuations in the target marketplaces' currencies. The frequency of these updates might vary from daily to weekly. These updates will not show changes of less than 1%.
  • Adds or deletes offers in the target marketplaces when you change eligible ASINs in the source marketplace.

 It’s important to note that BIL won’t adjust your prices to synchronise with the source store if you:

  • Use automated pricing rules outside of Build International Listings
  • Set the price for each ASIN
  • Update your prices via bulk upload
  • Use Marketplace Web Services APIs

Always remember that you are in complete control of your pricing. Ensure that your prices reflect Remote Fulfilment fees by adjusting them manually or using Build International Listings pricing rules to adjust them automatically.


So, how do returns work?

Remote Fulfilment customer returns are handled the same way as local FBA returns. If a customer returns an imported item, we’ll return it to your source fulfilment centre in the UK/EU, subject to customer returns policy and fees.

Time to get cracking!

And there you have it! With Remote Fulfilment in your arsenal, you'll navigate the choppy waters of UK & EU e-commerce like a seasoned captain, with efficiency, flexibility, and compliance as your trusty first-mates. Searching for a crew to help you stay afloat in crossing UK/EU borders? Hit the button at the top of this page to get in touch!


Our Amazon team is ready to help you succeed.

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