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Stand Out From The Crowd: Learn How To Leverage Amazon A+ Content and Storefronts To Increase Profit

Jan 17, 2023

A+ Content and Stores

A+ Content (the new name for Enhanced Brand Content) provides you with a space to tell your customers why they should be buying from your brand. It’s vital to get across your brand’s personality and unique selling points.  Amazon Stores allow you to showcase your entire product range, without competitors popping in - it's a great opportunity for cross-sell and repeat customers.

Our creative experts work with you to ensure this user experience is optimised for the highest possible conversion rate.  

Data Driven Creative Strategy

We start with a thorough briefing process to understand your brand’s voice and image, business objectives and target audience.  After all, you are the world expert in your products, and we want to make sure we’re making use of your extensive knowledge.  You provide the style guidelines and parameters for us to work in.

We then take a data-driven approach to designing your creative strategy.  We’ll do a deep dive into Amazon’s Brand Analytics reports to find out who exactly is engaging with your products: how old they are, whether they’re male or female, what products they have also viewed and what other products they have in their baskets, amongst others.  This allows us to ensure you are pitching your creative and copy to the most valuable audience to your brand.  If you’re selling off-Amazon, we can also take this to the next level by conducting in-depth Google Analytics analysis to really hone our messaging.

Expert Implementation

Once we’ve defined the creative strategy, it’s time to put it into action.  We’ll design custom A+ Content and templates to showcase the highlights of your catalogue, merge Parent and Child ASINs for optimised navigation and ensure that the technical side of upload and submission is completed. If required, we can even offer in-house eCommerce photography support (at an extra cost).

All of this adds up to a fully optimised customer experience – take a look at one of our own listings (Beechmore Books) for an example of our approach in action.

Do you need help with your Amazon strategy? Our experts would love to hear from you. Get in touch!

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