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Amazon Transparency

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January 21, 2023
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Transparency is an item-level authentication service that helps prevent the sale of counterfeit products to Amazon customers and stops hijackers from selling on your listing.

How it works

You can enrol some or all of your products in Transparency. Once you enrol a product, Amazon will provide a unique Transparency QR code for every unit manufactured.

Amazon will then scan these codes within its FCs to ensure that only authentic products are shipped out to customers. Units that fail Transparency authentication checks are investigated for potential counterfeits.


How to enrol

You will need to contact Amazon directly to enrol in Transparency. Visit the link below to apply

Enrol in Amazon Transparency to prevent counterfeit and listing hijackers

It can be a lot of additional work to attach a unique QR code to every unit you produce. You only need to enrol if you have issues with counterfeit products or hijackers on your listing. This is the most effective tool to prevent counterfeit on Amazon

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