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VAT on Amazon

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January 21, 2023
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Inputting your VAT numbers into your Amazon account is quick and easy. Amazon's VAT Calculation Service ensures you are not charged VAT on your Amazon fees and allow customers to download VAT invoices

Input VAT information

Go to your Tax Settings here or navigate to Settings > Tax Settings > Add VAT Numbers

You can "Edit" the current VAT Registration Number or "Add a VAT/GST registration number" by clicking the link at the bottom.

You will need to select the country, add the VAT/GST Registration Number and the Registration Number Address to complete the process.

You can read Registering for VAT – Amazon VAT Services - for more details.

Activate VAT Calculation Service (VCS)

Go to the VAT calculation service here or navigate to Settings > Account Info > VAT calculation settings (under tax information)

  1. Accept the terms of conditions
  2. Confirm that you are applying the correct VAT rate (for most businesses this would be A_GEN_STANDARD)
  3. Set the start date for VCS. The earliest date is often 1-2 weeks in the future.
Amazon's VAT Calculation Service allows customers to receive VAT invoices directly via Amazon, removing the need to send manual invoices. It also allows Business customers to access VAT-exclusive pricing, and VAT will no longer be charged on your referral or FBA fees.

Do I need to register for VAT?

All EU sellers who sell above certain thresholds in the country where they are established must register for VAT.

If you use FBA and store any units (even just one) in another country, you are liable for VAT in that country.

Amazon will block your account if they believe you are required to register for VAT and you have not provided your VAT numbers.

If you need further help confirming requirements or registering for VAT, let us know and we can refer you to expert accountants who will be able to help. Amazon are also running a promotion to provide free VAT registration across Europe for many Sellers.

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